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Zen in Kyoto.

Back from the beach! The weekend was amazing! Could have been better if it wasn’t for the funny fact that I forgot to put sunscreen on my belly, and now it’s a shade darker than the rest of my body — lovely isn’t it? I tan fast, you see, heck, I get tanned from crossing the street! No, no, no, that is not a good thing… I get crazy tan lines.

I am also confined to the sofa or bed, because I have…

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Holidays, don’t go away.

Holidays, don’t go away.

I can’t believe I wrote petty instead of PRETTY on the previous post.
All sorted out now, anyway.

The moment you read this I’ll be lying on warm sand, trying to keep akira off my towel and/or myself, reading another Murakami masterpiece, feeling the freshness of the Atlantic, hopefully eating pastries, delicious pasta and fresh grilled fish, all in the good company of cold wine (or beer, either…

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Petty Nagoya.

After a well spent day in between little towns, we headed to Nagoya.

Nagoya is big and very business-y like. One of the first things we saw when we go there was a lady laying on the floor and a few of her friends surrounding her. I got immediately worried, but figured the situation was completely under control — as in, calling an ambulance an such — turns out she was out drunk, and everyone was…

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takayama and furukawa.

I’m sorry for the radio silence.

Life’s been busy around here: house painting, coming up with the new office, moving up furniture, bringing in new furniture…and then we had to dip our feet on the crystal clear water of our beautiful Atlantic (meaning, we went to the beach).

I also have been thinking a lot about the future direction of this blog, I need to freshen it up, somehow! — I’m on a…

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Tokyo through the camera - part one.

Tokyo through the camera – part one.

August arrived looking grey and cold.

Now that I’ve had time to relax and sleep, I can finally start working on the pictures straight from the camera.

These will be fairly photo-exclusive posts, in its majority, because I really just want to share the pics without many words, or I’ll end up repeating myself. So here are the first couple of days in Tokyo.

just arrived after nearly 18 hours on a…

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Go Tigers! and back to Tokyo.

Go Tigers! and back to Tokyo.

I don’t know how to play baseball, I’ve never watched a baseball game, I never held a baseball hat… But I’ve read enough baseball mangas to get a feel of the game. Hanshin Tigers and the Koshien stadium where no strangers to me, ever since I was a teenager, so being able to sit there and watch this game was incredible. It was definitely one of the high points of our trip. We had great fun , we…

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Exploring Harajuku and Universal Studios.

Exploring Harajuku and Universal Studios.

After Enoshima we only had one thing in our agenda, go to Osaka to watch the Baseball game between Hanshin Tigers and Tokyo Giants, at the Koshien stadium. But that was 2 days away. By now you should know about our love for theme parks and roller coasters, so we decided to go earlier to Osaka and visit the Universal Studios, where on the 15th had opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a park…

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Beautiful Enoshima.

Enoshima is one of those places that you do not forget. You have to take the train to Kamakura, where we were last year, and then another local one to the final destination. Enoshima is a small island where you have small little shops and restaurants, a temple, caves and a lighthouse that you can climb up to look at the island from above. If you’re lucky enough with the weather you can see Mount…

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Kyomizudera, Pandas in Ueno and Robots in restaurants

Kyomizudera, Pandas in Ueno and Robots in restaurants

After a great time in Kyoto enjoying ourselves and our strolls on our bikes, we headed to Kyomizudera and just took everything in.

more pics after the jump!

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Tea ceremony and an Izakaya.

Tea ceremony and an Izakaya.

I need to upload more photos and more posts, right? Well, here we go!

In Kyoto, we went up to the tv tower to see the city from above, and it’s quite impressive, to see such a massive city with all the mountains around.
Next we went to the aquarium where we got the huge salamanders! The aquarium was small but very cute and with very interesting animals.

By the end of the day we went to Camellia

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